Below you can find information about various activities held in different cities, as part of the implementation of the project "The implementation of Alternative Sentence"


8th SEEA net (South Eastern European and Adriatic Addiction Treatment Network)

SYMPOSIUM ON ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS, June 21st – 23rd, 2012, Hotel Tirana, Tirana, Albania

SEEA net 2012 was a very important and useful meeting that was attended by proffesionals, care givers and policy makers across the region.
The main conference topics were treatment of young drug users, patients with comorbidity and cooperation with existent drug prevention and treatment services, medical, social and other services and NGOs in the region, treatment of Hepatitis C, different praxis through the region and treatment in custodial settings.
It was an excellent conference program developed by our conference planning committees and coming together at nonformal meetings as Welcome reception, Awards party and other social program events.
The SEEA Conference was officially oppened by the Chair of the Parliament of Albania, Mrs. Jozefina Topalli, representatives from the Pompidou Group, EMCDDA and other prominent personalities. For more info please visit the SEEA website

Study visit in Estonia

The National Network of community Services for Alternative sentences in Albania organized a study visit in Estonia,, with focus Probation Service of Estonia and the implementation of the alternative sentences in the framework of the project "Network of Community Services for Alternative Sentence "supported from European Union form 11 to 15 February 2012.
To view the full report on the visit click here

Parliament Discussion

On 15 February 2012, members of Aksion Plus were invited by the Committee of Law of the Albanian Parliament to attend a hearing session regarding drug policy and changes of Penal Code. We presented our views of the amendments of the existing Penal Code and we propose to define a fixed quantity for the personal use and not to sentence marijuana young users. To date young persons are sentenced to prison for a single joint of marijuana. This is an absurd situation that should be changed as soon as possible. Even in case of heroin users, they should not be punished for low risk crimes when under effects of substance. Contacts with members of the Parliament and the Committee of Law are ongoing and we hope that something will be achieved though the political situation is a bit uncertain as the elections fever are coming closer. More advocacy and lobbying should be developed in order to prepare the ground for expected changes and amendments

National Conference of Probation Service

In 13th December, in Tirana International Hotel was held the National Conference of Probation Service in the framework of the achievements and challenges that the implementation of Alternative Sentences faces in the community.
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Wisdom University Tirana

Wisdom University Tirana, on 07.12.2010. For more information please click here

Seminar in Shkodra

Shkodra city on 26.11.2010. For more information please click here

Seminar in Aleks Luarasi University

Aleks Luarasi University, Durres, on 15.11.2010. For more information please click here

Presentation in Aragosta Hotel Durres

"Aragosta" hotel, Durres on 12.11.2010. For more information please click here

Seminar in Fier

Fieri city on 21.09.2010. For more informtaion please click here

Seminar in Mondial Hotel Tirana

"Mondial" hotel, Tirana, on 27.07.2010. For more information please click here