Probation Service in Albania

Part of Albanian criminal  justice system

police trainingProbation service, the institution of Ministry of Justice, has started to function in June 2009 and until now has accomplished the surveillance and the support of alternative sentence implementation for more than 1000 individuals.
Actually Probation service has four local offices, respectively in Tirana, Durrës, Shkodër, Fier, which include Albanian territory. The main topic of staff are preparation of assessment reports for the offenders, before and after the conviction. It also evaluates the social backgrounds, familiar conditions and concrete programs in order to accomplish the social integration. It makes possible the surveillance of the offenders in order to protect public interests and avoidance of the offences in the community.
This service makes possible the control toward the offenders and protect the public interests. In the first of all gives the opportunity to the offenders to start earlier the process of rehabilitation and integration in the community.
And on the other hand it controls and surveys the offenders. In order to achieve successful results is necessary the collaboration with social local services and the welfare to enhance and increase the inclusion in community.

For this purpose is signed a collaboration memorandum between Probation Service Office and community service. According to this collaboration, Probation Service Office sends a reference letter with the offenders dates to the partners NGO-s who will be treated in daily centers with the appropriate integration, rehabilitation programs.